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Law firms are tired of dilution based advertising. Bids go up and traffic goes down.

We’ve turned that model completely on its head. Our members band together with our expert marketers to generate reliable, affordable demand nationwide, with exclusive rights to as many consultations as you want in your state. You control the case types, the budget and the volume. We finally put you in control of your pipeline so you can put your focus back on law, not marketing.

Own your region

As an exclusive member, choose your case types and inquiries in your contracted states will go to you according to your budget.

Focused on ROI

What you pay is based on our performance. Set your own budget and control the volume of consultations.

Stay in control

You control the volume and case type you’re looking for. All subscriptions are month-to-month, giving you total flexibility.

Grow your law firm

As a collective, we have the power to run large campaigns on search, social, TV, and more. Our experienced marketers get the right message in the right place.

Listen to what our clients have to say.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Apply for Membership

We only admit proven top law firms per state for each area of practice. As a member, you are the exclusive recipient of calls delivered to you. Your calls are yours and nobodies' else.

Step 2: Customize your case preferences

If approved, you’ll pay a nominal monthly fee determined by the number of areas you want to represent, then you simply pay for the calls you receive. You can temporarily pause, increase, or decrease your budget at the click of a button. You can clarify the exact case types you prefer.

Step 3: We advertise nationwide

Nationwide, state-wide, and locally in your Neighborhood. Our world-class marketing team leverages multiple platforms - including TV, Google Search, and Social Media - to generate consultation inquires for your firm.

Step 4: You get client consultation requests

Our 24/7 Call center will transfer live calls according to your preferences. We can also contact you by email, in your client portal, and even text message. Every inquiry is an exclusive call delivered to you, only pay a flat, fair price per consultation.

We leverage the latest in technology and marketing trends to reach consumers across all advertising platforms


Our TV media buyers have decades of experience with national and local television campaigns.


Often unfairly overlooked, our radio advertising experts know how to use its power to boost awareness and generate interest.

Social Media

Our social media specialists are experts running targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!


Our video experts have run campaigns for decades and know the its and out of platforms like YouTube, Hulu, and more!

Search Engine

Our proven search engine marketing strategies target consumers looking for your legal services.


We know how to reach the mobile-first community, with deep experience in mobile optimized ads and conversion flows.

Media Power Marketing consumer website for attorney lead generation.

Our network of consumer websites

Our world-class marketers have a track record of delivering results. They leverage the latest technology and trends to get in front of clients that need your legal services.

We have a network of high-converting websites targeting consumers seeking legal help.

As our membership base grows, so does our media buying power.

You are in full control of your pipeline

Our members control the number of consultations and types of inquiries they want to receive.

Sample of selecting neighborhoods for attorney lead generation.

Choose your cases

We offer over a dozen different areas of law - from auto accidents to wills and trusts. Each area of law is available for exclusive or overflow subscription.

Customize when and how you receive consultations

Our concierge call processing teams are ready 24/7 to deliver inbound inquiries live, by email, and SMS. We even tell you when your phone is about to ring!

Choose your region

We cover states nationwide. Choose one or multistate memberships. The more states you cover the more powerful your network power will be.

Increase/decrease your volume

In your private portal, you'll have access to modify all aspects of your subscription, including setting limits and goals for monthly consultations and widening your reach to neighboring states.

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We work all hours too

We know business doesn’t always happen from 9 to 5. Your powerful online client portal puts you in control whenever you work, and our concierge support team is just a chat away.

Serving a wide variety of practice areas

Personal Injury

Auto Accident

Family & Divorce

Wills & Trusts





Med Mal

And More...

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